Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Orleans, Louisiana

We went to New Orleans after a wedding at Nottoway Plantation outside of Baton Rouge.

Wedding at Nottoway Plantation
Nottoway Plantation Wedding Louisiana

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Lunch at The Cabin
The Cabin Restaurant
Lunch at the Cabin Restaurant in Burnside, LA on the way from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.  The building housing the restaurant was originally slave dwellings at the Monroe Plantation.

Evelyn's Place, New Orleans
Evelyn's Place New Orleans

New Orleans Bullet Hole

The William Faulkner House
New Orleans Faulkner House
William Faulkner's apartment when he moved to New Orleans. And of's now a bookstore.

The French Market
The French Market New Orleans
Pumpkins at the New Orleans French Market

Ignatius Reilly
Ignatius Reilly Statue
Statue of Ignatius Reilly, main character in the most hilarious book you'll ever read, A Confederacy of Dunces.

Little Darlings, Bourbon Street
Little Darlings Bourbon Street
Little Darlings on Bourbon Street.  Picture says it all...

Johnny's Po Boy Restaurant
Johnnys Po Boys

Johnnys Po Boy Restaurant New Orleans
Johnny's Po Boy Restaurant at 511 St Louis Street in the French Quarter. Since 1950.

Commanders Palace
Commanders Palace New Orleans
Commanders Palace in the Garden District. Legendary for fine dining in New Orleans since 1880.
Commanders Palace Shrimp New Orleans
Louisiana wild white shrimp, Crystal hot sauce, pickled okra and five pepper jelly.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful wedding photos. All preparations are awesome. It reminds me of my sister’s wedding at NYC wedding venues. After that party I had attended a meeting with my clients at meeting space San Francisco. Best part was that I have got project!